Conflict in Fianna Fail over candidate selection

Local Fianna Fail grassroots members are refusing to pay the party’s membership fee because they feel shafted by headquarters.

The Dundalk Democrat understands there is anger amongst local members of the party regarding the selection of candidates for the upcoming local election.

Last week, Fianna Fail HQ added Stephen Egan to the town ticket.

Members expected that another candidate will be added to the Dundalk-South area, however this now seems unlikely.

A spokesperson for Fianna Fail told The Democrat that “there are no plans at the moment to add anyone else in Dundalk South.”

In the last local elections, the party selected four candidates to contest the Dundalk - South area.

Sitting chairman of the Louth County Council, Declan Breathnach, was selected to run in Dundalk-South in December.

Meanwhile, in Dundalk-Carlingford, Cllr Conor Keelan and Cllr Peter Savage will look to retain their seat.

The Dundalk Democrat understands that sitting Fianna Fail Councillor Sean Bellew, who represents Dundalk-Carlingford, is interested in running in the Dundalk-South area.

However, according to the party’s HQ, it looks unlikely that Bellew will be added.

Cllr Bellew could not be contacted at the time of going to press this week.

“The grassroots members feel shafted,” the party source told the paper, “We are not happy with the treatment from headquarters.

“There is people trying to manipulate the ticket.

“There is local people willing to stand that has done a lot for their community, but they haven’t been selected.”


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