Concerns at officials meeting attendance

County Manager Joan Martin speaking at the Positive aging week launch

County Manager Joan Martin speaking at the Positive aging week launch

The location and attendance of council officials at municipal districts was a cause of concern for councillors at the Louth County Council annual general meeting.

With the abolishing of the Dundalk, Ardee and Drogheda Town Councils, three municipal districts will now be established.

Councillors from each of the electoral areas will sit on the appropriate municipal district.

Cllr Imelda Munster asked if councillors could hold municipal district meetings in the evenings.

Acting County Manager, Joan Martin, said that she could not guarantee the attendance of staff members at evening meetings.

She said: “I don’t have the power to compel staff to evening meetings outside office hours.

“I am always available for evening meetings, although I cannot guarantee that more junior staff would be able to attend.”

Cllr Paul Bell said that councillors will decide where and when these meetings will take place and that they will not be dictated by executive officials.

Cllr Mark Dearey asked if there would be cost implications for attendance of staff at meetings held in the evenings.

Joan Martin said that she was not in a position to pay overtime to any junior staff to attend such meetings.

Fianna Fail’s Conor Keelan asked if the Dundalk Municipal District meetings could be held in the old Dundalk Town Council chamber in the Town Hall.

The County Manager said that the councillors should meet as detailed in the circular, although she didn’t see any difficulties if that’s what the members requested.


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