Cllr Green says council letting tax payers down

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Two weeks ago the Dundalk Democrat highlighted an issue that was raised by Sinn Féin Councillor Jennifer Green regarding rubbish that was dumped in an alleyway at the back of some houses in the Greenacres estate.

Councillor Green was shocked when she saw the volume of rubbish left and told of how the smell was overpowering.

She explained how she had got the residents on board to do a clean-up of the area.

“It was really above the call of duty for them as it wasn’t their rubbish in the first place.

“I duly contacted the council to arrange a clean-up with the residents only to be told that the council wouldn’t provide us with any equipment and would not help us to take the rubbish away as it was on private ground.”

Councillor Green was infuriated by this response.

“The council are constantly promoting Tidy Towns and cleaning up the town.

“It strikes me as this rubbish is out of sight it doesn’t matter to the council and the people have to deal with it. This is unacceptable.”

After reading this story in the Dundalk Democrat, Councillor Jennifer Green was contacted by ‘Ecological Waste’ who said they “were moved by the plight of the residents.”

“They left a skip for the residents the following afternoon,” said Cllr Green, “And two employees provided protective gear for the residents to wear and actually stayed to help clean up.”

“The residents were delighted.

“These guys are a new company in town and want to give something to the community which is more than can be said for the Council.

“Where is the value for money the tax payers expect? It’s thanks to Sinn Féin, Ecological Waste and the Dundalk Democrat that this issue was resolved, and no thanks to the Council.”

Jennifer Green was originally a town councillor but has been elected onto the new Louth County Council this week.

“Things will change, said Cllr Green.

“Sinn Féin now has ten Councillors on the County Council and we demand value for money.

“We will ensure that the tax payers money is spent wisely and for the benefit of all across the county.

“The council are there to provide services to the people and we as councillors have a responsibility to ensure that is done on a fair basis and there is accountability to the public.

“Sinn Féin have an excellent track record on doing just that.”


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