Charity want 1% levy on stallion covers

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editorial image

Owners of Holly Horse Haven are getting behind a campaign that would see a 1 per cent levy on stallion covers which could go towards funding equine welfare charities’ gelding fees.

The charity is involved with a new group called ‘One Voice for Equine Welfare’who wish to lobby the Department of Agriculture for such a move which they believe will help alleviate the costs that is thrust upon horse charities.

“The bloodstock industry has benefited massively from tax breaks,” explained Elaine Duffy.

“What a 1 per cent levy would do is give the industry a chance to give back to animal welfare organisations.

“For example here at the Holly’s Horse Haven, the cost of having a horse gelded is roughly €130 an animal.

“Many of the horses that are abandoned come to us because of a complete lack of regulation of the system.

“During the Celtic Tigers years every one was have paying for covers and the industry was out of control.

“This could help regulate it, and hopefully stem the over production of horses in this country, while at the same time costing the industry very little.”


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