CEO of Deafhear fears public backlash over ‘top-up’ scandal

The CEO of Deafhear.ie, which has a base on Jocelyn Street, says he fears a decline in donations due to the ongoing charity ‘top-scandal’ .

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat, CEO of the national organisation Deafhear.ie, Niall Keane said that the there has been a ‘breach of trust’ with the public by the organisations involved.

Deafhear is substantially funded by the HSE, but Mr Keane is quick to point that the organisation has always offered complete transparency . He added that there is no such thing as a top up in his organisation.

“We are largely funded by the HSE, but we are an independent body. We however always keep our salaries in line with the HSE. While they are inline, they never go over what the HSE pay their staff.

“We followed the Haddington Road Agreement in so far as we took cuts.

“We have not and never will ‘top-up’ salaries with donations, and we are happy to be transparent and will show our financials to anyone who asks.”

Deafhear employ six peoople directly in Dundalk, and three other people work from their premises. Nationwide the organisation employs 80 people.

“People who work for usdo so becaue they believe in what they are doing. We have a highly professional staff with post graduate degress and masters degrees. Only one person in the organisation is paid over €100,000 and that is me, and I’ve worked here for 27 years.”

Mr Keane fears that donations which largely go to funding events and individual work with people with hearing problems, could be adverslely effected.

“It’s a big concern. Summer camps that we have run in Dundalk, events and our work with isolated older people could be cut due to this thing.We all feel very let down by what has happened.

“I believe that our organisation will retain the trust of the people of Dundalk and the North East. We deserve it.”


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