CCTV to bring brawling teenagers ‘to book’

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editorial image

The manager of the Marshes Shopping Centre has vowed to bring teenagers involved in a mass brawl to justice using CCTV.

Two teenagers were arrested on Saturday after a brawl broke out at the popular shopping centre.

The Democrat understand that after a fight broke out between two teenagers a member of shopping centre security attempted intervene at which point numerous young people in their early teens did their best to obstruct them.

Harry Traynor said that while the incident was minor, he will be pursuing the young people invovled.

Mr Traynor said: “The behaviour of these teenagers towards the security staff and members of the Gardaí was utterly reprehensible. They had zero respect.

“We will be reviewing our policies in light of this incident with our legal team.

“A considerable group of teenagers made life extremely difficult for staff and Gardaí, and we will be reviewing CCTV to bring them to book.

“I’m sorry that people who may not have taken large part in this incident may be effected, but this type of thing just can’t be tolerated.

“This is unacceptable for both retailers and shoppers alike.”


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