Call for more gardai after cattle raid

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A local farmer is calling for the the Gardai and PSNI to cooperate to tackle cattle rustling after five of his bullocks were stolen from his farm.

Anthony Duffy of Doolargy, Ravensdale had five of his bullocks stolen between the late hours of Tuesday July 8th and the early hours of Wednesday July 9th.

Two Charolais, two Aberdeen Angus and one Black Hereford were stolen in the raid.

There cattle were valued at approximately €7,500.

Anthony had checked the cattle at 10.30pm on Tuesday night and also at 8am on the Wednesday morning.

When he arrived later that morning, the cattle were gone.

The cattle were due to go to the factory on Friday.

The thieves had prised the gate open and put it back so the public wouldn’t notice.

“It’s becoming a major problem all over the country,” said Anthony.

“But it is very prominent in border counties.

“We suspect that my cattle were brought to illegal abattoirs and are more than likely slaughtered by now.

“It is a huge loss to any farmer to loose cattle after looking after them for two years.”

The farmer had no insurance that covered the theft.

Up until recently no insurance company offered this.

However, FBD are now offering an insurance policy which covers theft of livestock.

Louth Irish Farming Association Chairman Matthew McGreehan believe the gardai and PSNI need to tackle the problem.

He said: “The gardai, PSNI and departments on both side of the border are going to have to cooperate more to deal

with this serious problem.

“I hope to also meet with the local superintendent to discuss this matter.

“I also ask for local people, especially in rural areas, to be vigilant and to raise an alarm if they see or suspect suspicious activity.

“If anyone in the area has seen anything please report it to the gardai or county chairman.”


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