Burglary rate falls as flood claims rise

The rate of burglaries in Louth has fallen in the last year, while the rate of claims for flood damage has increased.

Recent statistics from the CSO have revealed that in the Northern region, which would include Louth and the surround areas, the number of burglaries fell by 10 per cent.

According to Getcover.ie, from 2012-2013 break-ins in Louth account for just one in eight claims.

Meanwhile the most common claim in Louth was for water damage due to flooding, accounting for some 30 per cent of household insurance claims.

The highest claim in Louth was forth €140,000.

Meanwhile Fianna Fáil local election candidate for Ardee Cllr Liam Reilly has expressed his deep concern about a spate of burglaries across rural areas over the past number of weeks.

“The rise in the amount of rural burglaries is a cause for great concern and I would urge homeowners in rural Louth to be extra vigilant, especially when their homes are unattended. It appears that the thieve s are targeting isolated properties and I would also urge people to be extra careful when locking up their homes, especially when they are at Mass, as this seems to be when the burglaries are taking place,” commented Mr Reilly.

“People in rural areas feel even more isolated following the closure of six rural Garda stations across the county.

“Despite our local Gardaí going above and beyond the call of duty in the face of these cuts, the reality is that this problem remains very real.

“This wave of petty crime is the result of these closures and further emphasises the need for Garda resources in Louth to be re-instated.”


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