Brian’s water filter system could help India’s poor

An idea for a water filtering system for poor people in India has won this year’s Dundalk Institute of Technology’s enterprise competition, Project India.

The competition is now in its second year and is run by DkIT Student Enterprise and challenges students to come up with different ways of enhancing the lives of under privileged children in Providence School located in Shillong, North East India.

Students involved in the competition were given a week to come up with an idea before presenting to a panel of judges. The three finalists were Brian Mallie (Mechanical Engineering Yr 2), Johannes Nogueira (4th year Engineering Entrepreneurship) and Adrian Mc Carey (4th Sustainable Design). The judges were impressed by all the submissions which will be implemented in the school; however there could only be one winner.

The winning idea was presented by Brian Mallie. After carrying out some research on the everyday problems that providence children face he discovered most significant problems is retaining a clean supply of drinking water. He created simple systems for filtering the available water with no running costs.

DkIT Student Enterprise would like to thank all the contestants, judges and everyone involved in supporting Providence School.

Students who signed up to the competition were given two weeks to come up with an idea before presenting to a panel of judges.

Shillong is the 330th most populous city in India with population of 143,007 according to the 2011 census.


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