Blackrock flood defences see off second wave

Locals watching the massives waves at Blackrock on Sunday

Locals watching the massives waves at Blackrock on Sunday

Sand bagging defences put in place to reinforce Blackrock’s flood defences saw off a second wave of high seas today (Sunday) after the freak flooding of Friday afternoon.

Following the suprise flooding of the Main Street on Friday, works on Saturday morning to shore up the seaside village’s seawall defences paid dividends on Sunday when a 5.4 metre high tide and winds once again descended on the busy thoroughfare.

Freak flooding just before lunch on Friday saw the main street closed off and some business premises flooded. Both the Clermont and McQuillan’s Pharmacy were among businessese hit by the flood, as enormous waves crashed over the sea wall, flooding the main street to a height over a foot.

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat, a member of staff at the Aqua Café said , further up the street, said they were lucky to escape unscathed.

“It only just came up to the door, and we had sand bags ready. Other premises further down the street were hit badly.”

The paper understands that some damage was done to the electrics in McQuillans, while water also made its way into the Clermont’s front door.

Following the shocking flood, council workers went to work filling in the gaps in the sea wall defence with heavy duty sandbags, including one tonne bags filled with sand.

While the waves of Saturday lunchtime’s high tide did not pose a threat as they were not accompanied by high winds, Sunday lunchtime’s sea was to really put the defences to the test once again.

Hundreds gathered as the 2.03pm high tide approached, and the waves started once again to make their way over the wall. Several of the one tonne bags were destroyed, testiment to the power of the sea. However, the defences held strong, and apart from a small segment of flooding, little damage was done.

In fact the day had become something of a family day out, with people of all ages apparently entertained by the force of the waves crashing against the sea wall.Speaking to the paper, Cllr Linus English said: “You can’t mess with nature”.

“Credit to the council workers who did a good job putting in the defences. They held up well. They worked hard over the weekend to make sure the situation that we saw on Friday was not repeated.

“The Sub Aqua team were also on standby over the weekend and they did a great job supporting the council workers and providing a rescue service should anyone get into difficulties. I was there on Saturday and today (Sunday). They are now preparing for tonight when the high tide comes in again at 3am. There will be a team working over the night.

“It’s a once in every 15 to 20 year occurance. You can’t mess with nature.”


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