BellX1’s Dave heads to Spirit Store

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editorial image

The latest project from Bell X1’s Dave Geraghty ‘Join Me In The Pines’ will perform in the spirit Store this Friday, 6 June.

Dave’s new project, ‘Join Me in the Pines’ was written and recorded over a year and half while on and off the road. JMITP is a return to the somewhat isolated creative process under which his debut album was made. This time around the process benefits from a newly built home studio. “Every musician’s dream is to have their own home studio,” said Dave.

“However, this dream is of the double-edged sword variety. Being a workaholic, it’s sometimes difficult to switch off knowing that the studio is attached to your living room.”

Once again Geraghty displays his musical skills on the new album by playing almost all of the instruments, although it was enhanced by some great talents from the trad, folk and classical worlds.

Tickets are €12.50 and doors open at 8pm.


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