Allocation of €425k for council houses

Minister Fergus O’Dowd has welcomed the allocation of €425,095 to Louth County Council to be invested in upgrading the energy efficiency of local authority homes this year.

The funding is part of a three-year jobs stimulus programme that will see the energy efficiency of 25,000 of the poorest insulated local authority homes in the country improved.

“This funding will substantially complete the first phase of the insulation programme announced by Minister Jan O’Sullivan in June 2013 and ensure that every local authority house will have at a minimum draught proofing, attic insulation and where appropriate cavity wall insulation,” said Minister O’Dowd.

“Nationally, €30m is being made available to upgrade local authority homes, of which there are 3,664 in Louth.

“The €15m initial allocation will focus on completing the cavity wall, draught proofing and attic insulation phase of the initiative.

“The majority of this work is expected to be complete in most local authority areas by mid-year.

“When Phase 1 is complete a further €15m will be allocated for more intensive insulation measures that focus on the external or internal insulation of houses with solid or hollow block construction.

“In this second phase of works single glazed windows or particularly poor performing windows and doors can be replaced.

“This programme is delivering warmer homes and lower energy bills to thousands of local authority tenants.”


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