A litter of 15 puppies found dumped in a cardboard box over the weekend have happy ending

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On Saturday, November 10, fifteen pupies were found in a cardboard box at Rockchapel, Carrickmacross and brought to Monaghan dog pound in Lisdoonan.

Helen Hewett, the Kennel Administrator, spoke to the Monaghan Democrat about the heart-breaking situation.

“The pups were between 5-6 weeks old and a mix between Labrador/Collie. three were male and the rest female.

“Since the pups were under four months old they could be put “to sleep” if they were not re-homed in two days.”

After putting out an urgent appeal on their Facebook page Helen told us the pound was inundated with calls, texts and emails from concerned people inquiring about the puppies and offering to help in any way they could.

“We were gob-smacked by the response!”

Even though they are not usually open on Sundays, the volunteers decided to open their doors from 10am-2pm to help re-home the puppies.

“When we arrived the following morning there were people who had been queuing in their cars from 8am.

“People came from far and wide to help these babies and by 11.45am all 15 pups had been re-homed, we have never seen anything like it.

“We asked for 15 families and there were well over 50 people who were willing to adopt a puppy.”

Helen also added that most of puppies did not go to local homes with some being re-homed as far as Tipperary, Newry and Belfast.

“Thank you so much to Siobhan McCabe, Maurag Shekleton, Brenda Corrigan, Jordan Mullen, Maureen Tinnelly, Emma Kirby, Sharon Harrison, Ciara Plant, Victoria O`Hara, Bronagh Boyd, Eugene McHugh, Bronagh Morgan, Andrew McAuley, Edmund Morton and Craig Law who all went back home plus one puppy.”

“Sincere apologies for those that arrived after the first 15 people, your compassion for these little babies has been wonderful .

“Your offers of help and interest has been so much appreciated and has had the desired result , 15 innocent little puppies all now have loving new homes, thank you everyone.”

Helen also wanted to issue a plea to the owners of the female dog that gave birth to the litter of 15 puppies.

“She would still be producing milk and without the pups to feed she has a very high risk of contracting Mastitis, an infection of the teats, which if untreated, could lead to septic shock.

“The medication required to dry up her milk is not expensive so we would really plea with her owner to bring her to a vet.”

The Carrick Dog Shelter was established in 2001 by friends and volunteers to reduce the destruction rate of dogs within County Monaghan.

So far this year they have re-homed 531 dogs.




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