A letter to Santa Kenny

THE ghost of Mr Scrooge has been summoned. An Post have asked children writing to Santa this Christmas to put a 55c stamp on the letters for delivery to the North Pole.

In the past young letter writers have been told there is “no need for a stamp” but now, according to Colin Coyle, writing in this week’s Sunday Times, “An Post wants to encourage children in ‘the art of letter writing’. And they want the children’s money as well.

Now in fairness to An Post, it handles 130,000 letters sent to Santa by children every Christmas.

The staff who handle the letters are doing so voluntarily and Rehab are also involved. And they have been doing this for the past 20 years.

And unlike online platforms they have never charged.

So instead of writing to Santa Claus, perhaps our young people should write to Santa Kenny and ask him to stop putting pressure on the good people at An Post and to get in the spirit of Christmas.

Dear Santa Kenny. My Dad says that if you keep putting up taxes and charge us for living in our own house and paying more for the water we drink then we wont have a house or water to drink and Mum says we wont have anything to eat either.

And Gran doesn’t want to go into a home so would you please stop cutting the work hours of home helps.

And I want a bike.




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