A good opportunity to meet the team

The BIDS Office

The BIDS Office

Dundalk Business Investment District Scheme (BIDS) is holding a special open day at the BIDS office Market Square this Wednesday 16 July from 10am-7pm.

The day-long event will give the town’s ratepayers the opportunity to call into the office and meet with recently appointed Dundalk BIDS Manager Edel O’Mahony and her team of Fiona Cunningham and Sinead Roche.

This open day marks the re-launch of the new look Dundalk BIDS office which is all set to move move forward with the very apt slogan: Better Business for a Brighter Future.

The Better Business Brighter Future mantra will also feature prominently on all the Dundalk BIDS branding. It has been included in the redesigned BIDs logo.

“I have already met a number of people in my first few weeks in the BIDS office,” said Edel.

“Many of these were in meetings, in a quite formal surrounding whilst discussing specific projects.

“It would take months to meet everyone individually so my aim for the open day is to try and have as many people as possible call in to us in the Dundalk BIDS office.

“We can meet in a relaxed and friendly environment and let people know the key objectives of the office. How we will go forward and how we can work together for the betterment of the town.

“We realise that not everybody can take time out from their daily work and so, the BIDS Office will remain open until 7pm in order to facilitate as many of the ratepayers as possible.

“It is important the Dundalk BIDS office moves forward in an informed, focussed and realistic manner, with determination and positivity.

“I’m looking forward to meeting everyone who calls in.”

BIDS office: 042-9352842 or e-mail fiona@dundalkbids.com


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