“A councillor is a community activist”

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John McGahon may have been the baby of the election campaign at the tender age of 23, but he received the highest first preference vote from any Fine Gael candidate in Dundalk.

McGahon was elected to the Louth County Council for the Dundalk-Carlingford area late Sunday night after sweating it out for most of the day.

It was a narrow margin between Goss and McGahon at one stage, but the transfers from Goss pushed McGahon across the line.

“I started my campaign last October on a cold night,” said John after his election.

“All I had was a couple of leaflets and a clipboard. It is great that the work from my team has been reflected in my election.”

John McGahon paid tribute to running mates Colin Goss and former councillor Martin Murnaghan who lost his seat.

“Goss transfers secured my election,” he said. “

“It was razor close. Colin was a fantastic candidate.

“It is a shame for him to lose, he ran a good campaign. Martin Murnaghan will also be a loss for his area. Although we were untested candidates.”

Looking ahead to the next five years, John wishes to be accessible to everybody.

“I want to become a councillor that my constituents are going to see. I want to be known as someone they can call John.

“A councillor is a community activist and is there for the people.”

“Having been reared in Seatown, supporting local businesses is a top priority.

“I’ve walked the streets of Dundalk my whole life. Businesses are leading the revival at grassroots level. They need to be supported by local councillors.

“A reduction in rates is needed for the town center.”

McGahon says that he intends to immediately lobby for greater broadband speed in the north Louth area and tourism development.

“People in Kilcurry have children in that live in New York and they cannot skype them because the broadband is poor.

“We also need to embrace our beautiful county and promote the tourism of the area.”


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