4ft stuffed pike stolen

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editorial image

The man who caught a specimen pike from a lake in Monaghan has issued an appeal for its safe return.

Private Brian Byrne caught the impressive pike, and had it stuffed and mounted, and then displayed in Aitken Barracks.

The fish was stolen over Easter weekend and Pte Byrne is desperate to see it returned.

The value of the taxidermied fish is thought to be circa €1,000.

“It is a large glass cased stuffed pike, the case is approx, 4ft long x2ft high x 10 inches deep, the cabinet is mahogny and has screw holes on the top, rear and bottom from where it was fixed to a wall.

“Inside the cabinet was a brass plaque/ plate saying: ‘32lbs 14oz pike caught by Pte Brian Byrne, Spcoy 27th Bn, - at a local lake in Monaghan.”

“This has most likely have been removed now, but the fish and property are clearly identifiable to me and my finger prints are set in the resin on the fish.

‘The Gardai in Dundalk are investigating this crime and theft, if you come across this property or are offered it for sale, please contact either Brian Byrne on 0877629051 or Dundalk Gardai immediatly, the value of this is approx €1000,”


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