3,000 litres of toxic sludge dumped at Haggardstown Road

The Diesel laundering sludge dumped at St Brigid,s shrine Faughart

The Diesel laundering sludge dumped at St Brigid,s shrine Faughart


Three IBC’s each containing 1000 litres of toxic sludge have been found dumped at Haggardstown Road under the Railway Bridge today (Thursday).

The Louth County Council has already tasked their contractor to recover and process the three containers.

This is the second such incident this week with three IBC’s found dumped at Drumgoolan.

Six IBC’s were also recovered from Corcreeghagh and Ballykelly earlier this month.

Since the beginning of the 2014 there have been a total of 26 toxic diesel sludge dumping incidents invloving 92 tonnes of the toxic material. The cost of recovery and disposal so far this year is estimated at approximately €78,000.

Last year the local authority dealt with 105 incidents accounting for 698 tonnes of toxic diesel sludge. This cost the County Council and the Irish exchequer €686,000 to recover and dispose of.

The recovery and disposal process is extremely expensive and the process requires the physical recovery of the material and its container from the dump site and the possible disposal of the trailer when material is left in same.

The toxic sludge is then decanted into new IBC’s suitable for transfrontier shipping and the material is then shipped to Holland for disposal.

Louth County Council would encourage members of the public to report any information they might have in respect of any of the unauthorised dumping.


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