Louth is in store for a dry, humid week with top temperatures of 10°C and some foggy nights

But it's still too early to call the weather for Christmas Day

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



IDDT Dundalk Weather

Temperatures will be mild for the week ahead

After a foggy start, we're in store for a dry week with temperatures reaching highs of up to 10°C. 

The frost should stay away for the week, but Louth could still be hit by more foggy nights. 

Many are hoping for a white Christmas after Louth was hit by snowfall over the last fortnight, however weather experts are saying it's too early to make Christmas forecasts. 

Local weather expert Louth Weather says: "Tuesday and Friday all very similar. Overall it will be dry with just the odd spell of light rain. Mild with daytime temperatures up to 10°C and unless skies clear for extended periods, there should be no frost.

"Cloudy most of the time, but the sun may break through at times. Despite there being little or no rain, drying conditions will be poor due to higher than average humidity. This humidity and the light winds may also result in some foggy nights." 

Louth weather also predicts that next weekend's conditions in the run-up to Christmas will remain 'quite favourable'. 

However, the weather expert can't tell what it'll be like Christmas yet. 

Louth weather said: "I've been keeping a close eye on the situation for Christmas Day and it's still too far away to give an accurate prediction."